Flowering stage (newbie)

Got three strands Skywalker of , black widow, and Bruce banner. They have been in flower for 2 months 1 week and 2 days. When will I know when it time to harvest?

Nice choices! You will first start to see the pistils change from white to red (like a few in your pics). I’d say you still have several weeks. When most of them have begun to turn orange/red, start watching the trichomes with a loop or microscope. Make sure to look at the buds themselves, not the sugar leaves. They’ll look shiny and clear like glass at first, then cloudy, and finally amber colored. If you want to do a finishing flush, you should begin to do so when you start seeing the majority of them the color you want. Depending on the type of high you’re looking for (the majority of this is based on the strain, but you can fine tune it), you’d harvest once you see at least all cloudy, since that’s when the THC is maturing and becoming useful to you. Less amber, more cloudy will give you a more heady, uppy high, to some extent, and this will be the peak of potency, THC-wise. The more amber, the more “couch lock” feel it will have as the THC converts to CBN (CBG? I always mix that up).

It can be tricky deciding when to harvest, but don’t sweat it too much. Just document what you do, and if you don’t like the result, harvest a little earlier or later next time. The most important thing is patience. The last few weeks are the some of the most important, and you can cut your yield in half by harvesting only a little too early. With experience the plants will practically mark your calendar for you and say “hey, don’t forget, you’re flushing me next week…”

Here’s a good article on the topic with a lot more detail:
I hope that helps! :v:


Black widow

Bruce banner

Skywalker og

Flushed yesterday

Thinking maybe 3 more days then ill place then in the dark room for another 3 days then harvest. Should I do another flush on the 2 day of darkness? @elheffe702 @dbrn32

I would be letting them dry out before harvest


Black widow harvest

Wet: 80 grams
Dry: TBD

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