Flowering, should i flush?

A question from a fellow grower:

I am 60 days into flowering my og kush (I got from you guys) and the leaves HAVEN’T started to die or go yellow, should I start flushing or just be patient and wait for the plant to kill itself??

That’s only 2 months , it should finish in another 2-3 weeks , but have you check the trichomes with a magnifying glass ?

Well your only 3 days from your 9th week. Like Yoshi said, check your trichome and see how their doing. Most people I’ve read about like theirs around the 20 to 30% range of amber trichs. Mine finished around the 9 week mark if I remember right. It would be a good idea to start flushing now if your using synthetic fertilizers. Actually you should have started around 7 weeks. If your using organics then it seems to be not as important from what I’ve read. I would still flush though to make your plants as clean as possible. I started flushing around the 8 week mark or 56th day. But I didn’t keep a journal like I should have then so I was winging it. The trichs will tell you everything. Good luck