Flowering should I be worried or is this natural

Okay about four weeks into flowering this is happen to my leaves is this natural or should I be worried!!!

Need pics of the whole plant please Sir

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Thanks are all of them doing that or just certain ones…?? I’m going to tag a couple OG growers to take a look if you don’t mind…

Just my opinion but they look hungry

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I also watered with cal mag an micro, grow , bloom nutrients!!! An yeah that’s fine with me I want to know what’s going on like should I be worried or is this something natural because it’s flowering an in week four!!

I had a deficiency problem a few days ago I think it was calcium deficiency so I flushed an the smaller ones the bigger one that’s in flowering was good until I watered last night!!

This is the wrong procedure for a calmag deficiency. If deficient you just add to next feed/water. Flushing soil removes nutrients.
@Covertgrower or @PurpNGold74 or @Caligurl probably help you out. I agree with above, they look hungry. If you flushed and didnt put nutes back in this is likely whats up.


No I haven’t flushed the bigger one

I’ve never flushed the one that’s In flowering I just watered with cal mag an micro , grow , bloom, last night


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I will let them help you… @OGIncognito
@MeEasy @Storm @NUG61 @nmgeo

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Tanks for the tag @Coonass … im hydro not soil, but the others can help.

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Thx for responding nug you’re a good person :blush:

@Aussie_autos will you please help this person out with his questions/problem… thank you kindly Sir :pray:

@Omfgbihswerve help will be here soon :pray:

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Ok bet lol

@Omfgbihswerve I lean towards @Docnraq about the flush you did. You want to add to an under and remove from an over. What’s the ingoing vs outgoing ppm/ph readings? At a guess you look like you need to increase the P&K ratios during your feeding. The runoff numbers would tell you what’s available in the soil and the ph of that runoff would tell you if your unable to uptake those nutes due to being out of range and in a lock-out scenario. What’s the nutes your using?

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Wtg @Fieldofdreams thanks for the help :pray:

@Coonass To borrow a line from I believe the @OGIncognito playbook, ‘I’m just paying it forward, so many growers here have also gave me much needed advice’. Hope what I said can be of some use.