Flowering - Re veg


Hi guys, this is my first grow. I don’t know what to expect with this mind blowing plant, and find I have a new question everyday regarding MJ. The new growth I’ve seen has seen is like nothing I’ve seen before. According to my research it could possibly be in flower. Do you think my plant is flowering? Hope I can get some opinions on the pics I’ve attached. The plant is currently outside because I’m waiting for new lights to arrive. Receiving 13-14 hrs of sunlight so I didn’t think it would go into flower (yet, possible because it hasn’t always been in direct) Also, the new light green growth could be from the rapid new growth that has been happening - but that could also be from the flowering stretch. Haha, in a bit of a pickle.
While I’m here - To re-veg… My understanding is to chuck it back onto a 18/6 light schedule, and expect some recovery time. Any tips on re-vegging?
Gold Leaf Strain - Photo
1 & half months old



Try to stay whit one post/thread, this way we can help much easily.
If that plant is not under 12/12 schedule it’s definitely not in flower so you are safe… Definitely 18/6 will be a good Ideea.


When a plant goes into flower It will start showing pistils like this picture. This is also GL


But if it does flower you can put it under 18/6 lighting and it will re-veg


Cool, thanks guys @MAXHeadRoom @M4ur


I’m seeing pistils in that last picture you posted. If you don’t wanna let her ride outside, then you’re gonna have to force her back to veg. How long til you get you’re light?


How old is she? I too see pistols but it’s possible for them to become sexually mature and show their sex or preflower. Or that’s how I understand it


A couple of days until the lights are here so it should be fine to force back :blush: @MattyBear


55 days old @Sirsmokes
I see :blush:


Gold Leaf is flowering. I won’t be re-vegging. This is my first grow and I can’t resist my future harvest. Big or small :drooling_face:


Can’t believe I got to the good part, really.


You won’t have enough time to get a proper harvest before daylight hours force her back to veg.

To reach a mature harvest on this run you will have to shorten her daylight hours artificially with a blackout cover.


I just decided to let her go outside since the daylight hours had decreased. Where I’m from it’s reaching the end of the grow season so going to make the most of it. She can go back into the tent if need be :slight_smile: #picfromlastweek


Fat leaves :herb:


She’s blowing up. As a first time grower. This is crazy. I can see how people get addicted to growing - What a sight to see!


Blurple snaps - Gold Leaf. Day 29 :cherry_blossom:


Back into the tent while this bit of rain clears. :cloud_with_rain: