Flowering - Question About Where I Am

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Finally was able to get into the tent this morning and see how things look. All my girls drank a LOT since I changed out reservoirs on Sunday - nearly all the water in their buckets was gone. It appears to me that I have a couple of plants still growing, even though the trichomes are turning amber on them. As far as the trichomes go, it doesn’t look like there has been any appreciable change in the past three days:

The plants I will keep a close eye on this week have new white pistils on top - new since Sunday anyway:

One of my six plants is definitely earlier than the others - that one has no white pistils on it but is still only showing about 10% amber. It will be the first one down (probably this weekend). The other ones I’ll just have to play it day by day, but they could go longer than this weekend.

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Day 69 since switching to 12/12. No accurate date for when first flowers started showing.

Well, my trichome check today showed me that I probably will have to go longer than this weekend on the majority of my plants. I checked 4 of the 6 plants this morning. The one that I think is a little bit earlier than the others doesn’t appear to have any real changes to the trichomes since Sunday. The other ones all look like they could use at least another week. At this point it’s just staring at trichomes every morning until I see what I want to see (which is around 20-25% amber).

That’s my assessment after looking at the following pics. I’m open to other opinions of course. :slight_smile:


Nice macro shots @Bogleg :eyes::heart_eyes:… Aaaarrrggghhh ! ! ! , trichomes


Just a quick question, do you have begin to ripening them ?

@Bogleg, and you ask for BOM contest rules, ask and you shall receive, lol :wink:

@Niala I don’t even know how to answer your question. Do you mean like started to reduce nutes/flush? I did reduce nutes this week to ~700 PPM and was planning on draining them tonight and refilling with straight PH 5.8 water for the next two days… then draining them and leaving them dry and in the dark Saturday.

Is there something else I should do? If I have to go longer because the trichomes aren’t where I want them, I will just keep giving them water from today on out (no nutes).

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@Bogleg Ripening is the step just before “flushing” and is to pimp up the PK nutrients and force trichomes to “ripen”, mature faster…

I’m not a hydro guy, so I do not know the ppm required… Most probably @Donaldj @bryan @kabongster will do :wink:

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Even the reduced nutes should speed ripening and a full flush isn’t needed if ppm is 6–700 you will see leaf die off even at that low which will speed ripening if they are drinking heavy as little as 12hr’s ph’d water would suffice. I tend to use sap test taking a leaf stem sucking sap out to taste if it’s bitter flush tastes like water no need :wink:


Thanks @Donaldj

Day 70 since 12/12 flip. Estimated 56 days since first pistils.

Well, ILGM has definitely created a great plant in the Crystal strain. A week or so ago I trimmed off some lower branches that weren’t getting any light and weren’t going to grow. I dried up what was on them (not much) and tried it out last night. Holy cow! Two tokes on my dry herb vaporizer and I was gonzo. Can’t wait to see what this stuff is like when it’s fully mature.

Anyway, nothing too new with the plants. Topped off this morning and decided to keep giving nutes (thanks to donaldj’s advice). Still day to day, but so far I don’t see any changes since Monday. I kind of want to go another week.


Trichome check today - still looks about the same. I am going to harvest three of the plants tonight/tomorrow, and leave the other three until Wednesday (when I am back from my work trip). I’ll use a card board box with string in it to hang the ones I harvest this weekend, then put them all in the tent on Wed when I get the other ones down.


Harvested one plant this morning. Also got a gallon zip lock bag of trim (lots of popcorn buds).

They aren’t the prettiest buds in the world, and definitely not the biggest, but man does this stuff pack a punch. 5 more plants to harvest. I will do 2 more after brunch today and the other 3 on Wednesday or Thursday.


Plants 2 and 3 down. Plant 2 mostly got chopped up for the trim bag.


I took down plant #4 today. I just chopped the whole thing up for hash/butter. It was a sad looking little thing that was drowned out by its big sisters.

Plants 5 and 6 will come down tomorrow. They are now enjoying their last 24 hours of life in the darkness of my tent.


@Laurap - tagging you in so you can see at least the last part of my grow that I journaled in this thread.

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Thanks, you are the first I’ve found that has grown Crystal. Your girls look Incredible! Many many thanks!

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Hi @bob31, What would you consider a strong loupe? How many times magnification? Could you also provide an Amazon.com link?


Thanks - I didn’t manage/understand lighting very well during this first grow, so you can see my girls were all very leggy (I was so worried about burning them I put my light at the top of the tent for the whole grow). With better light management these things would’ve been great producers. I will be sure to post a dry weight when it’s all said and done - I’ll try to break it down by plant as much as I can (I already combined a couple of plants in one of the cardboard boxes).

Of course when I started the whole thing I planted all 10 of the Crystal seeds I had purchased… and all ten of the germinated and produced seedlings. I ended up giving away 4 of them. Sure wish I had some of those seeds back because I definitely want to grow this strain again now that I am marginally smarter. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’m super excited to see these girls grow! Hoping they turn out as well as yours. Looks like your tents alot larger than mine. Think 4 will be okay in a 36x36x72" or hopefully 5(doubtful as it’s already been two weeks.)