Flowering progress also what do think of my OG kush from you guys kind of proud of myself

This my test plant other turned out to be males should I be seeing than what it looks like

Sorry didn’t mean to send that question is should I be seeing in day 14 of flowering bagseeds bout got lucky and got female out of 4 plants


I do like Smart pots. Plants look nice! :slight_smile:

Not to sound like a dumb ass but I have heard of these smart pots but what’s the deal on them?

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There are actually two different kinds of smart pots, one name brand is very expensive and is a plastic container that has actual electrical components to make it smart, so it knows when it needs water, etc.

However, when most people are talking about smart pots in general, they mean these new fabric bag pots. The fabric bag lets way more air/oxygen into the soil, from all sides. Some people even make the bag pots themselves out of various fabrics.

Iceberg … your plants look great.

Stoner … thanks for the info on the smart pots. Do they come in different sizes? Right now I’m using 8 gallon pots for my outside grow. I like the idea of the smart pot with fabric and may try it next year.


Yup, they have all different sizes:

Pack of 2 gallon:

Pack of 5 gallon:

Found these on ebay 5.95 ea 5 gallon free shipping best price I found

Thank You

Stoner and you Iceberg Iem going to check them out later on. Thank you guys very much


Well, I got here a bit late. Smart pots breathe all the way around due to being made of cloth fabric. This also allows for the medium to dry faster and allows more oxygen to enter the root zone.

So you guys give it thumbs up on. useing these smart pots right? /Cause iem wanting to get away from plastic pots. And switching soil to Pro Mix BX. Still use Roberts nutrients but adding PH Perfect as well


You can grow excellent plants in both type pots. I merely confirmed that Cloth pots are OK to use. No worries :slight_smile: At some point you have to take control of your grow. Make choices, and successfully grow with your chosen method. Happy Growing


That’s exactly what i’em going to do.
I just don’t get the yield from what I grow.
I should say. To get the plants to grow to their full potential…
I do conceive to the heat being my worst enemy.
Lakewood, i’ll continue this in a new thread.

My apologies to Iceberg for hijacking his thread.

Be Safe


iv’e just harvested my OG went nice realy bulks up in the last 3 weeks rock hard buds hi yield great smoke .

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Just started flowering this morning 8am off 8pm on was your flowering period 8 weeks or more any pics you can share and do have any insight on OG kush during your grow and harvest

i did my kush for 9 weeks from turning to 12hrs it showed realy quickly then shot off with thumb size buds every where most of the weight came in the last 3 weeks ,very nice smoke .i only have these pic’s at drying

this was the mid size bud

Thks tim that’s what I’ll shoot for 9 weeks what nutes you using I use technaflora recipe for success

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