Flowering Problems?

I’m not sure of your nutrients, and what the make up is all together. Do you mean General Hydroponics Bloom?

I use the Lucas formula, there are various versions of it with various nutrient lines, but I keep it simple with GH Flora Nova Bloom. I don’t play around with trying to boost this nutrient here or there, and I always get 1lbd plants in a area just larger than a square meter. I just K.I.S.S., keep it simple stoner, with the Lucas formula/method steady and true the whole grow, with only a little flushing at the last week of flower. Lucas doesn’t even really believe in flushing at all.

Also I run DWC hydro, so when I flush, everything is gone and I’m starting from scratch as well.

After the media has had a chance to nearly dry, if I were growing in something like coco coir, or a soil like medium(DWC Hydroton doesn’t need to “dry”, it doesn’t really hold water at all and DWC roots in the reservoir can’t really get waterlogged as long as the temps and aeration are good), so as to let the roots recover and not get waterlogged from all the flushing, I would feed with my Lucas formula for the grow period they are in, and in Lucas formula, that would include a balanced and low dose of at least every nutrient, including nitrogen. Google Lucas Formula for details, I’m sure it can even be used especially well with the marijuana booster line.

Most of my nutes are Humboldt. I am going to go with them as much as possible. The Bloom Natural, 2/2 and Ca/Mg are all Humboldt.



this plant is all most a twin to mine I have nutrition burn also will this effect the quality and quantity of the crop the PH is a solid 7.I plan to make some PH down my n.p.k test was HIGH so I did a flush on it 2 days ago…hope is 7 weeks old and full of flowers . .is there still hope for her

These guys are the best at advise. This is my initial indoor grow and I can’t advise you. I do know that they will want a set up list filled out, it is at the front of the support section so they can know about your grow before giving some advise. pH 7.1 in most cases is a little high, but as I said, fill out the list for them and I am sure they can help you.

Good luck and Big Buds to you.


MacGyverStonerI have overcome the nutrient toxicity or at least I think so. The new growth and all the other leaves are no longer turning colors and are all green again except for the damaged leaves. When can I resume fertilizers? I have been giving pH water and that’s about all. I am in day 42 of flowering and want to keep my ladies pushing on bigger buds. Help please !



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Absolutely you should be able to give the plant the recommended mix/concentration for cannabis for mid/late flower. Make sure your PPMs in your media aren’t building up to high, or your pH is not straying too far from the ideal target, 6.5 for soil and 5.8 in hydro. Continue to monitor it as you go and you should be good. Keep in mind some organic soils may not actually have a lot of soil in them and might be high in “soil-less” compounds like peat or coco coir and these might do better with a pH somewhat closer to the “hydro” number, so a lower pH for these types of “soils” might be warranted.

I was wondering about that. It seems to be nutrient locking a lot. I have been running on pH only in soil. I will adjust the pH this watering and see if it makes a change. My nutrients have been about 6.2. Is it better to do ppm for soil also? I was told that ppm was more for hydroponics.

Nope, nutrient parts per million needs to be monitored to really know what is going on with your plant, it doesn’t matter if it parts per million in soil or in water.

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I have a problem with my AK-47. The nutrient solution has calcium and Mag in it but my leaves continue to show deficiency. I am pretty sure it is not nutrient lock; it doesn’t look like it and it also really looks like deficiency. My soil pH is 5.6 and nutes are Humboldt Natural Bloom 5ml, Deuce-Deuce (0-0-22) 5ml, Humboldt Honey 3ml, Big Up (0-33-23) 1/8 tsp and General Organics CaMg+ 4ml all in one gallon. I added the Bud Up as the feeding chart recommended. All the solution is pH 5.8 before adding to soil. I have been very careful to keep the water level good. I have gotten pretty good at weighing by lifting the pot.

I am putting a couple of photos in to help (hopefully) Took them without the grow lights on! I will upload them as soon as I can.

As always, thanks for your valuable help.

Here are the pics. This came on in a matter of hours. Can you help?

5.6 pH is pretty low for soil. Even a soil-less mix should be above 5.8. Soil should be at 6.5

I’m not sure, it could be from the pH. I have no knowledge about the nutrient line you are using, but the leaves look like they might be suffering from some nute burn, maybe even multiple overdose. It’s hard to say. I certainly do not feel comfortable with your pH ranges.

The hairs on the WW plant I have has turned light red/brownish. There are no trichomes on the plant that I can see. Is this the end of the grow cycle for my plant? The other WW is still light white and shows no signs of the same thing and trichomes are showing on that one but crystal clear. I can send pics if you think it will help. Please advise. Thanks ! !


I am in flower day 42 and this plant appears to have stopped growing and buds are not increasing in size any more (looks like it anyway!). pH has been corrected and reads 6.0 in the soil around the root ball. I think I have just had too many issues with the nutes and pH in this plant. Looks like a decent harvest if I have to stop now but was sure hoping for better! All in all a REAL learning experience in this grow. Hope I can do better next grow.

Biggest take home lessons from this grow: Watering carefully; Easy on the nutes, less is more sometimes or you end up with nutrient lock; MOST OF ALL . . . Be Patient ! !


Deficiencies can be caused by nutrient lock out, that is locking out a nutrient and making the plant have a deficiency. Of course deficiencies can be from just having the soil being deficient in certain nutrients.

Check out this article that is very relevant to your late grow:


I agree; I bend my top kolas to the breaking point to get them out of the lights. Does not hurt the plant growth; IN fact, I have bent over a few tops until they actually broke, but membrane was still intact. The plant reacted like it was topped, and I got 8 2ndary Kolas that eneded up matching the vigor of the Top! :smiley:

Your solution PH should be 6.5-7.0 before adding to plant,

It is not unusual for an Indica Dominant Pheno to finish in 6-8 weeks. You are at 42 = 6 weeks. Sounds like that plant is finishing :slight_smile:

You need to get a EC/TDS meter!

yes I do and I followed that link and I have several plants that look just like that kinda white freckcles all over sorry about spelling
and Latewood hit it right on @ 6 weeks

Actually; I use all these Primary, 2ndary, and Micronutrients. In fact; I add Boron, Molybdate, and copper, also.

I do notn useAluminum sulfate, but I do recommend dolomitic crushed lime. However; As recommended in that article; It needs to amend the soil for a coupleonths before you plant in it. So; Yopu can plan ahead and make soil ahead of time, but I have never needed to go through all this. I just use a product called Rainbow mix, and I use my solution, or Dutchmaster Advance, A+B, Zone, znd Silica.

my solution contains Calcinit, Potassium Nitrate, Magnesium sulfate, Sulfate of Poatash, MAP, MKP, This covers all the Primary and 2ndary Nutrients. I have 2 concentrates from this A and B. I add my iron “Fe 13%” into my part A

My Micro is made up of; Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium, Ciopper, Molybdenum, Boron.

I PH my solution with Pure diluted Sulfuric Acid.

Don;t know if this helps, but since it was mentioned; I thought I would give you my take.

I feel that if you adjust your Solution PH to balance out against the soil PH, you will leave residual salts in the soil that should eventually keep your PH balanced. At least it works for me.

Keep in mind; I grow some veggies, and an occasional MMJ in soil or PtoMix BX. With that said; I am a commercial hydroponic , Fertigation farmer. I take seminars at Clemson University in conjunction with USDA certified training. I have done surveys for Rutgers, Purdue, and NC A & T.

My mentor is from S. Africa. He taught me how to make this and other solutions. He now works for Canna Nutrients. :slight_smile: He’s pretty good :smiley: Peace

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