Flowering plants in summer

Hey Guys,

I’m back and with another, maybe silly, question but I can’t seem to find advice online about it.

So I started a new indoor grow towards the end of winter and my micro grow box was a bit to small to house the 4 plants in there so I moved 2 of them outdoors. Being in South Africa, we get ample sun in winter too and these guys started budding. Unfortunately now we’ve gone into spring and days have started to get longer.

My question is will these bidding plants go back into veg? If so how could I avoid this.

Thanks in advance.

Yes they will go back into veg if day light hours are more than 12

You can try using a 90+ shade cloth to keep sun off them after they recieve 10-12 hour of day light
blocking the sun simulating fall light patterns
Or move them back indoors under lights ?

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