Flowering plants in 6th week

I hope someone can help me out… I have two Purple Kush that are looking amazing from feminized seeds from ILGM and want to make sure I’m on the right track.

The plants looked identical in flowering week 1 to 4… but in week 6 now… they look quite different as you can see. Plant 2 has the little pockets that I think are calyx with pistles coming out. There have been no other signs of male or hermie on this plant (only female pistes at the junctions). I just want to make sure that plant 2 hasn’t gone hermie on me and that these are just mature calyx. Thank you everyone! : ))


Looks all beautifully female. Nice growing!

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thank you Covert! its only my second grow, so I still have much to learn. : ) I appreciate your help so much!

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Just looks like a little foxtailing.

thank you Caligurl : ) i’m excited about the harvest in a few weeks!

What he said.

Foxtailing will make it hard to decide when the plant is finished. It will continue to grow new calyx with nice white pistils for months to come if you let it. They will build one on top of the other and form little towers.

The trichomes in the middle of the buds will be ready when your first plant is done, but the calyx with new pistils will have clear trichomes.

So what does all this mean? Just an uneven trichome production and “different” kind of buzz. You can harvest when you want. If you don’t want to clean multiple plants at the same time you can let the foxtailing one go a week or two longer.

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Thank you CMichGrower! : ) i will keep a close eye on the trichs and try and choose an optimum time to harvest. The trichs are already looking about 30% cloudy as lots of the pistles are turning amber. Unfortunately i only have one drying tent for both plants, so I’m going to have to choose a harvest date favoring plant 1 that may or may not result in a little bit of a compromise on plant 2’s timing, but i know it will all work out! thank you for your help! : )