Flowering plants back in veg. Help

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Accidently put week 4 flowering plants back in veg. by hitting the switch on the side of the timer to on. I am out of room. Just switched the lights off for 24, then I think I’ll run the lights at 13/11, in efforts of trying to recoup anything. First grow ever, i need some serious help. What happens now ?

How long was it like that in ?

I think almost 2 weeks

That sucks
Maybe this great thinker can help you out @yoshi ive never had this happen i hope it works out truly

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Just put it back in flower (and make sure you check your timers everyday)

I don’t know what else you can do ? You got no room, you’re not going to throw it out so ?

…it’s not that much different then flowering to sex a plant …well, it’s not the same, it is what it is I guess …it’ll be alright
-best of luck



The big thing here is to keep an eye on them for STRESS I wpuild put the! In 36 hours of darkness.
Even with light timers and a fully automated grow room, sometimes things go wrong. If the power goes out, or you need to change lights around, keep your light cycles in mind.

When your grow room is running on a 12/12 flowering cycle, a short power outage is not a major problem. A few extra hours of darkness will not really mess things up. Of course, the plants will not grow much without light; but they should be fine for at least two days. Any longer than two days, and they will start to suffer. This will not kill them, but may cause them to become stressed.

When running on a 18/6 vegetative light cycle, a power outage resulting in long hours of darkness can trigger the plants to flower. You need to find an alternative source of light for the grow room. An electric or gas camp lantern will be enough to prevent the PFR from dropping. If you need to change things around and interrupt your normal dark period, just leave the lights on until the following dark period. A few hours of extra light will not hurt anything. Remember, you do not need enough light to keep them growing–just enough to make it not dark.

To maintain vegetative growth, use 18-24 hours of light; six hours of darkness or less.
To promote flowering, alternate 12 hours of light with 12 hours of darkness.
When switching light cycles from vegetative to flowering, first give plants 36 hours of darkness.
To harvest outdoor plants early, cut the time light reaches the plants to 12 hours each day.
To plant clones outside before mid-May, supplement with artificial light at night to prevent early flowering.
During 12/12 flowering, additional dark hours are acceptable if necessary.
During 18/6 vegetative growth, additional hours of light will not cause problems.

I would do this to bring my plants back on line.
While simply changing to a 12/12 light cycle will induce flowering, there is a trick to jump start the process. Between the switch from an 18/6 to a 12/12 light cycle, let your plants sit in total, uninterrupted darkness for 36 hours. This will cause the PFR to drop substantially, giving the plants a strong signal to flower. After the 36 hours of darkness, begin the 12/12 light cycle. In a side by side experiment, I saw significant results from this method. Be sure to flush out high nitrogen “grow” fertilizers from your growing medium and change to a high-phosphorus “bloom” formula. Also, adding high potassium supplements for the first two weeks can help increase rapid bud development


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This is all good advise , I appricate you guys taking the time to respond. I’ve put total darkness into action, then plan on continuing with an 13/11 light plan and see how it goes.
My question now is, will they continue to flower where they left off or will they start the flower process all over?
Once again, thanks for all your help.

I’d go straight back to 12/12. They’re already confused enough, they won’t know what to do with 13 hrs.

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Oops, meant to say 11/13.