Flowering plant growing balls

My ww fem. plants five weeks in flower has grown balls at stem-branch nodes. What should I do

Email support if they are male flowers, they are best at addressing a potential problem like yours.

Are there a lot of male flowers?

I missed the “5 weeks in flower”

post your customer support question by email to : order@ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

Plants stress and turn it happens to us all I had 1 in my grow do same thing 7 weeks into flower no one is to blame shit just happens all you can do is get it away from other plants asap so it can’t pollinate them

I agree. Plant stress will overcome feminized plants and they will “hermie”; If subjected to the wrong environment. Temps, humidity, and length of light cycle all play a part in turning feminized seeds/plants back to amle or into hermie plants.

Best way for us to help you is for you to fill out a “Support Ticket”. Find it pinned at the top of beginner forums.