Flowering period

Growing one gold leaf and one jack Herer under 400W HPS. 74 days flowering ,no amber trichs and still some white hairs. Plants are very healthy, over 4" tall with top colas about baseball size. Why aren’t they ready yet? Is there anything possibly wrong?

Well…I think the way it goes is, days really mean nothing, it’s the Trichomes that you wanna watch. The day thing is just a good educated guess. I would let them go a bit longer till you see what you wanna see!!!

People often think flowering time starts when they switch the light schedule to 12/12. Plants go thru a pre-flower stage that can be up to 3 weeks but is usually 2. This is when they stretch and form the first part of the buds. The “flower” actually grows on top/out of the pre-flower. This could mean they are at 60 or les days of flower when they think they are at 74.

Light quality and intensity can also affect time to mature. The only way to predict your harvest time is if you have grown this strain under these same conditions before, honestly.

Going by the trichomes just makes the most sense to me. As long as they are clear or only cloudy you can still let them go longer. You only stand to gain from that. Once some trichs are Amber you decide what kind of buzz you want, from a good buzz that leaves you hyper (all cloudy, not much Amber) to killer buzz that leaves you couch-locked (mostly Amber). If it is 100% Amber you get sleep meds.


I think stomper gave you good words. I also think flowering times posted on seed bank websites are “optimistic” for average new growers. These are what they see growing in a well-oiled machine to speak.

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The question of when to start the count is one that seems to generate
controversy among many people in blogs and forums, so I asked that question
specifically of the ILGM staff when I was growing Jack Herer a few months
age. They were very clear that their timeline of 63 days begins at the
change of light and not after the stretch period when buds first appear ,
so I don’t know what to think. The last grow I gave up at 99 days and still
no amber trichs. My concern is one that people have expressed about sativa
and sativa hybrids, that they don’t show amber and they go “flat” after too
long a period and don’t produce much of a high. Now I’m reading more and
more posts that say that it’s better to look at the plant itself, that the
leaves turn yellow and die off when the plant matures. I have that even
though I have almost all cloudy trichs and on top of that I have a fair
amount of white hairs. Is it possible for buds to be over mature and still
not show amber?

If you want it seen by staff, I will help. @latewood, @MacGyverStoner are staff experts. They have other duties besides the forum, but will get a notice.

thanks for your help

There are other things that can show on the plant when it get close to being totally done. One is red stripes on the branches.

Robert has a harvesting guide that helped me a lot.

Any chance you can post some pics of the buds and trichomes?

A sativa can grow for months. A mistake people make when judging finish time by advertised days, can be changed by length of veg cycle, and how big of a grow vessel is used. The bigger the pot, the longer the roots thrive. Many experienced UK growers grow Sativa in smaller 6-8 liter posts to stunt the plant and trick it into finishing. They also grow the entire plant under a 12/12 photo period. :slight_smile:


Ive done that too works great
Only issues i had was i ended with 2oz. Dry

Great info! Thsnks, that really helps me with a few problems I’ve been crunching.