Flowering or pollen sacks AFTER harvest!?

Anyone? Looks like a flower, I have three total on three different buds, same plant. The other two flowers have pistols coming out. Should I be concerned and is this still trying to flower on day 3 of drying?? @BIGE @PurpNGold74 @HornHead @raustin @dbrn32 I’m totally forgetting ppl sorry.

@Anonyboii looks like pollen sacks have u got anything else growing at the moment id remove them if u dont want future grows to be seeded

Thats kinda what I thought but they were not there a couple days ago when I harvested. That’s why I’m more confused. I thought it maybe a calix doing something weird because of the hairs and it’s not a banana. The white on them are like pedals if it makes sense. If there are only a couple can I pinch them off?

Pics are gone now, reposting.

What’s your drying process look like?

Everything is hanging from some string from the ceiling. I only have them draped over the string, not clipped

I meant like big picture. Are you drying them in a tent that you’re also growing in? What’s temp and humidity? Did you trim anything at all, and how long have they been hanging?

Ahhhhh, my bad I gotcha. They are hanging now on day three inside the tent. I am not starting another crop till these go to cure so I can sanitize the grow tent and equipment. Humidity is still too high for my liking around 60-65% humidity at night and between 50-60 during the day. Temps are staying strong at 68. No lights unless I’m checking the buds for mildew etc…I trimmed all the bigger leaves and left ones with the trichomes by the bud so they don’t dry out too fast. (Not the leaves inside the bud. The ones that are around an inch or two) small fan blowing under the buds so not to blow directly on them. I wanted some indirect air flow.


I havent made it to this part yet. But sounds about right to me :+1:t5: No idea what that is. But it worries me. I found 2 on my girl with hairs sticking out

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It looks like a pollen sack to me too. Is it possible that it’s some last ditch rhodelization? I understand buds left on a dying plant will do that in a last attempt to pass on their genes. Could be your lady there is just that desperate for kids. :wink:

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Those are nanners… there just bunched together , so it kinda looks like a flower… they are not… those are nanners getting ready to open and pollinate everything… :wink:
If you took any clones off of these plants , the same thing will happen about the same time in flower as these did… something to keep an eye on… :wink:



Update, they have shriveled up into nothing. Would that be a bad thing? And no clones from that one, wasn’t impressed with her yield.