Flowering nutrients


Has anyone used Malted Barley Grain as a top dress during flowering with success?


this is interesting @Thirty1O96


Containing vital plant growth hormones. In theory it seems like a perfect new addition to the garden. Just interested to know if anyone has had any first hand experience with it.


I would say a mighty good drink for a plant.


i’ve not tried this,but interested in the who,what,why,and how…


Never heard of such a thing … what’s the purpose?

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Maybe something to add to help kick off flowering? :evergreen_tree:

Barley Grains are an exceptionally rich source of microbes, with a wide range of bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeasts colonising the area between the husk and the pericarp. Many of the bacteria and fungi found on Barley Grains produce biologically significant levels of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), a vital plant growth hormone that promotes cell division and is involved in the coordination and development of plant organs.


Seems like I’ve answered my own question - Like i’ve said in theory it sounds like a great organic addition. One of those things to add where it can’t hurt, right?

I’ve got a Gold Leaf plant going in her early stages of flower. I might add some Malted Barley myself, and see how I go. I’ll keep you guys updated.