Flowering nutrient problems

Hi guys,

My Dreamberry auto is having some bad time.

I flushed it down but the yellowing and burning are still getting worse

Where were the numbers before the flush?

And whered they end after it?

And do you have pics before the flush? Like to compare to

EC numbers were on 2.2
Now 1.0

Before the flush


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Thats pretty much damage that was done just progressing.

The new yellowing is because of the flush. Did you refeed following?

Did you notice the pH of the final runoff?

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Exactly as stated by @PurpNGold74 have you checks ph you mite be dealing with a slight lock out


Run off PH was at 5.8

I didn’t refeed it. I was going to wait till next watering

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Always refeed after a good ppm lowering. You have no idea what all was flushed out and what remained.

Since burned tips where the reason for flushing. Lower the amount of Grow (Nitrogen heavy) you add. Maybe by half?


Ooh ok

I always thought I would have problems with overwatering it.

I’ll do that once I can get in the room :+1:t4:

That lone yellow leaf in the before flush pic does kinda look like she’s been wet longer then she wants. If you think youve been overwatering, you probably have.

In soil when plants are this big. Overwatering is less pouring too much at once (you SHOULD soak her soil thoroughly and completely every watering by now) and more the frequency of the watering/feedings. She doesnt want constantly wet shoes in soil (opposed to coco) and allowing the pot to dry properly between watering works wonders.

But all that being said. After PPM/EC lowering flushes. Always refeed adjusted for whatever the issue was. And if working with big brand synthetic nutes, keep up with flush schedules even if its just a semi flush like water only for a week

I’m growing with coco. I always try to water when the pot is light and the top has dried out.

I’ll give it a feed tonight and see how it goes

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Ahh. In that case Im pretty sure u cant overwater a plant/pot this size.

But DEFINITELY refeed lol

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Best results in coco are going to come if you keep from drying all the way out. In decent environment, you should be able to feed daily within first couple hours of lights coming on. General rule when dealing with mature plants, if you strip you should replenish to reset. But especially in coco.

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Haha he just said the coco thing. I was like ooo crap. Abandon ship abandon ship!

I probably should order a bag just to get a plants worth of experience. Betting money id kill it lol


You should, probably wouldn’t go back.

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Dude, you’d love coco. More control, faster growth.

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