Flowering Nutes in Australia


Hey guys wondering if any one in Australia has used or is using Mono Potassium Phosphate during the flowering phase such as the one below? I have used this one on many many other flowering and vegetable plants and have had great success. I am going use it on my girls during their flowering cycle. Just wondering if anyone else has used it?


I use liquinox 0 10 10 15ml mixed with unsupported mollasses 15 ml in 1 gal (4l) about once a week with good results check out my posts in outdoor


Will look now, did you like the way molasses has worked? This stuff above works really well on everything else to the point I spilled some on some small flower seedlings and it put them into flower well early.


I use unsulfered molasses during the whole process it helps the soil break down nutes so it is a soil treatment lots of good articles on this


I use that every second water works well.