Flowering now - What next

Hey all,
So I’m a first time grower and you guys have helped me tremendously. From watering, to lighting to whatever and my little buddies have gone from seed to flowering and I have no idea what to do next. Any advice? Here are current pics. Some are tall and skinny but the stretch was resolved with better lighting. The tallest one had actually started to pull itself up so much that it was coming out of the soil to where the top edge of the roots were starting to show. But I added more soil and more light and it slowed then stopped.


Just dial your light in for flowering (around 40 DLI) and start flowering nutes. If you are going to use a bloom booster look at the feed schedule for it and see if it’s time to start. Some are the first few weeks of flowering (MKP) while others are week 2-5 (bid bud) or something like that. Other than that just keep good air flow going and get the RH down around 50%.

If you have any specific questions about your nutes, boosters, lights, or anything at all I’m confident someone here will have an answer for you.


What happened to all her leaves?

I’m right about the same stage as you on my 1st grow. Just did my week 3 defoliation. Plan another around week 6. I’ve just been focusing on keeping RH around 50% and temps around 75 degrees. Lots of air movement above and below canopy. Are you doing dry amendments or liquids? I’ve been using gia green products for feeding and just following the recommendations. No issues as of now.
Your plants look healthy. I think we just need to monitor conditions and let them do their thing. Good luck!
I’m sure the people on here will chime in, great forum. I’ve learned almost everything from this site.

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I have no idea lol… they never filled in…

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Thank you


I did a ton of high and low stress training on mine to get them to that shape. Like I said I’m new to this too but it looks like while yours were growing they weren’t getting enough light and stretched. Nodes are pretty far apart. I originally had too much light and my nodes were extremely close to each other, made it difficult to train them. Do you have a light guage to measure ppfd or anything?

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Yep that’s correct initially I didn’t have enough light but changed it after talking to this group but the stretching of course had already begun.

I actually have never heard of that gauge but I’m guessing i need to get one?

This is what I use. Much cheaper than the other sensors. Ive had no issues with it