Flowering no trichomes

This is our 1st grow in a 4X4X8 tent; we have four 340W LED lights. We are growing 6 feminized autoflower that we purchased from ILGM.

We put the seeds in the dirt 35 days ago and our plants are already flowering. There are no trichombs on the buds when we look under the microscope. We have not added any nutrients, we are growing in an all organic soil mix. Do we have too much light? Will the trichombs come? We were told not to pull any leaves off the plants because they may start flowering too early but they were so bushy on the bottom we had to so that they could get some light. Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Those are a little too young to see many trichs. You should start seeing them several weeks into flowering.


They look very pretty & healthy

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Ur good just need more time

@Stucky welcome to the community!!! I agree with all the above you won’t see trichomes this early in flower. Nice work thus far!!

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Thank you! I really appreciate everyone’s feedback. I will keep you posted as they progress.


@Stucky To my inexperienced eye they look great.