Flowering my cheddar head

**strong text**Well let me start off by saying thank you all , I’ve made perches on your seeds and they have all come in in a good time frame I’ve planted 3 of them and all three have popped up and are doing vary well an ( AK-47 a bubble gum and a sour diesel) I’ll send pictures of what they look like , like I said two thumbs up . Now I have a question I’ve planted a (cheddar head , indica) about four months ago and I’ve been trying to get it to flower but it seems to have a mind of its own , I have a grow tent and it’s doing a grate job of growing my plants , I control the environment of all my growing including the lighting , I’ve done the 12on 12 off in lighting in flowering mode but it just won’t flower, any help would be of grate service to me . Again thank you guys for all you do . :rofl:


How long have you been on 12 -12? And what light are you using?

My lighting system is a two stage one for foliage stage and the other for flowering I’ve taken pictures of it to show you and I’ve tried the flowering stage for a week and it seemed to start weakening the plant so I stopped it .

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I have that same exact light in my 3x3. Mars Hydro Reflector 960w. That lights pulls 400 true watts. I run mine no closer then 24" the entire grow (Veg/flower) with BOTH switches on the whole grow. I run at @ 36" for seedlings the first week.

Raise the light flip both switches and she will flower in two weeks.


One of the plants that’s been grown under that light.


Thank you Rugar89 I’m going to start that today (2/4) and I hope that does it I’ll send you updates.

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