Flowering marijuana after 5 weeks


A question from a fellow grower:

my plant have started to flower in just 5 weeks how can i stop them


It depends on the strain, but some will show sex well before going into a uninterrupted 12 hour dark cycle to induce flowering. If this is the case don’t worry., it’s just “pre-flowers”. Otherwise if you started the 12 hour dark cycle, you could put it back to a veg light cycle with only 8 hours or less of darkness or put it in 24hr light, however this will cause the “monster cropping” effect at many of the node sites and in some strains, in un-
feminised/regular seeds may increase the chance for the flowers developing some hermaphrodite flowers as well…


Fellow grower; It would really help if you included the strain and conditions that you are growing in. Otherwise; You could receive many wrong answers to your query.