Flowering lights time

I have read on the net that before switch light time from 18/6 to 12/12, it’s good to induce 36 hrs dark time. Is this right, or just switch to 12/12 or even 10/14?.

Just switch to 12/12. 10/14 will be in your last week of flowering

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Ok, thanks, appreciate. :grinning:

Your welcome of you have any more questions feel free to ask

@Majiktoker absolutely correct my friend.
I put thoughs three on the same schedule.
Thank you for the same advice.

B Safe

Yea any time buddy can’t wait for the new tablet lol I wanna see your gals happy growings to you brother

They will blow you away brother. Completely awesome
The two pheno’s are growing into bushes. Vflowers every where and still more new growth unbelievable. …lmao
Getting newvtablet in thevmorning

B Safe

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Sweet can’t wait!! Yea the sounds about right lol that’s what I get out of them every time I plant, I’m still dumbfounded by the auto flower lol.

How do their buds look brother

Like the one’s you posted …lol


So, with autoflower you just keep your light 18/6 and wait for flowering?

You can do that it trigger it with 12/12 either way an auto flower will flower when ready my friend

Lol nice! Yea keep me updated I need an opinion in some thing I left in the pm convo

Ok…im over there