Flowering light questin

Hi Guys

I have a plant on flowering stage and half of it is getting very frosty and the other half looks like is not developing as fast. Is that possible?

I have 4 plants in a 1.2x1.2m tent and 1000W Virarspectre light.

I have moved turned the plant around so the part that doesn’t look as developed can get most of the light to see if it will even out.


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Can you post a couple of pics without the light on - just your flash. Really hard to make out how she is growing.
Also, it surpiese me because I use a Viparspectra 900 in a 4 x 4 and with 6 plants I have a flat canopy (only just into 12/12 though).
Best of luck - it will get figured out. The local lighting guru is @dbrn32 - if it is lighting related, he is your dude! :v:

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Growing Dream Berry Auto flower
Coco coir with 30% perlite
50-60% RH
1000w viraspectra LED
5.8-6.0 PH
Green planet 3 part feed + vitathrive + calmag
1.2x1.2x2 grow tent
6” exhaust fan (off most days)
1 little fan

Hope the photos are better :+1:t4:


I am only on my first grow - but that looks weird…
Our lights and space are similar though.
It almost looks like it is a single branch that isn’t ready… does that come from the main branch above the soil? Can’t quite tell…
I wonder if it is a mutant seed… never grown from seed- but it looks so isolated -and other than that - they look really healthy…
I wish I could help further!
Somebody will have seen or heard of it I am sure.


The main original branch is the more developed one. The others I believe are the lower branches.

I’ve been having some weird stuff with this grow. I don’t thinks the genetics on those seeds are really good.

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You are probably right with the genetics… Everything else looks ‘right’.

Its more than likely aka 99.9% due to a crappy light. On that Viparspectra you NEED to run ALL switches on.

Yes, I know what I am talking about as I grew under a Viparspectra PAR600 which is a better version of what you have. :+1::+1::+1:

I had this happen with my HLG 260xl rspec x 2. I had 4 plants in a 4x4 and one of them was under developed.


Mate all my plants are weird

This one didn’t grow at all. It’s now one big nugget (photos below).

I’m saving up to find a better light. Not sure what to get tho. Did you have a good experience with the PAR600?

@Purosuco No two seeds are ever alike. So don’t sweat it.

As for the Viparspectra PAR600 it will get the job done but don’t expect a huge harvest. My max was 3.32 oz dried, cured and no stems.

Now I am hauling of 2 lbs dries, cured and no stems. Strictly driven by my crazy grow methods. I use 2 HLG 260xl rspec in my 4x4.


Good sign it may not be anything from genetic standpoint.

It’s an auto. It wss either stunted into flowering sooner than it should have or conditions weren’t good enough for it to grow at same rate as others before it started flowering. Happens pretty regularly with new growers running autos.

Not really sure why half of plant would be producing trichomes but not the other half. My first thought was maybe some shock from training potentially disrupting water and nutrient flow to a portion of the plant. But could be something silly like fan blowing on part of it but not the other.

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