Flowering Light Cycle interupted

My timer died last night after the fourth week of the 12/12 flowering cycle. The plants recieved 24 hours of constant light. It was only for one night. Is this going to be a problem, and if so what can I do?


No one time you should be ok if it happens time and time again your yeold will suffer and you can cause her to become hermi and seed


Great question and encouraging answer, thanks @Sirsmokes & @strat386 for addressing this issue. Just a couple of days ago I inadvertently violated the “Do Not Enter” warning light while doing routine cleanup in my preparation area. Was not too concerned but have been watching for anomalies since. Nothing unusual to report so all is good. :+1:

Thanks for the response. i changed the timer so I should be back on the 12/ 12 cycle. I’ll keep an eye on them. Thanks again.

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I recommend digital timers… there a pain in the butt to set kinda… but you can’t accidentally hit them and change your timing and if your power goes out they know right where they left off… no issues… I love them… been using the same ones for 9 years + with no issues… :wink: