Flowering length


I just started flowering does the time reflect the time I veg. I’ve had her in veg for problems 3 mo or so. Will flowering take about the same or should I go off a schedule for a set amount of time. I know to watch the trichomes just wondering on certain period of days/time


Most plants flower somewhere between 7-9 weeks regardless how long they have been in Veg, so yes, go by the trichomes -good luck


Thats correct @Paranorman
Mine were in vegg for 5 1/2 6 months
They were started last March 2015 and im doing harevet on them March 2016
So you will be just fine

B Safe


Flower time starts after the Pre-flower stage and can last up to 4 month’s depending on the strain grown (with 60 days being the norm)


Excellent. Thank you all. Also after I rinse should I add nutrients right away or wait a few days till soil dries out?


If going to harvest flush plant fro 1-2 weeks and then let dry for 2-3 days then harvest (Some people put plant in 24hr darkness before harvesting which is done during you “dry” period


Not harvest yet. But ty. I’m just starting flower and ff says to flush at that point.


Flush at end of “flower stage” generally week 8 of flower:

Flower stages:

Pre-flower stage (1-2 weeks)
Flower stage (1-4 mo’s) generally 2 mo’s (there is early, middle and late flower - each needing a defferent N-P-K)


OK cool. I’m following ff calendar. And watching trichromes. Thank you all for your input. Much needed.



Here she is.Lighting Is Messed Up On Camera.


You had the right idea it is always wise to flush at start of flower since your plant will start feeding very fast which leads to toxicity and lockouts your plants needs in flower differ greatly to veg so having a clean medium gives you a new platform to work from.


What should I expect? Cause it seems like all the leaves are wiltering and I know they have water.


I couldn’t tell by the lighting but I downloaded it and zoomed in, are there little White dots all over it? Have you checked for spider mites?


Nope I don’t see anything. Wondering if it’s not my nutes. I put just a Lil less than rec by ff and I use all their products even soil


The good in doing a flush far outweighs any negatives, in my opinion.

I personally never use anything close to the recommended dose, but that’s just me
-good luck


I was just turning the shower on lightly and letting it run till water was clear coming out bottom. Then got this rinse and not quite sure about it. What dose do you use.


you should be flushing with ph’d water and ending flush by adding a light dose of nutes running non ph’d water through your plant to flush it can entirely change soil ph which creates problems of it’s own


A proper flush is ph’d water 3-4 times the volume of the pot used first you saturate soil if single plant you leave it for several minutes so it can disolve nutrients then begin rinse with ph’d water flushing water through soil and measuring the run off ph and tdds frequently as you flush. Stop when tdds is under 500 depending on water used and ph of run off is in proper range if tdds is in that range and ph is right you can skip feed until next water lower than a light feed is in order.
Your plants will look droopy for a day but will perk back up soon water/feed once soil dries out to your usual routine level. Flushing is a simple process which allows you to correct soil ph and remove built up salts/nutrients in your soil I flush several times during any soil grow every 6 weeks or immediately prior to flower which ever comes first.


Thank you. Very helpful