Flowering Input Feeding PPM Levels

What are your feed PPMs during the max uptake flowering period around weeks 4-5 of flowering?

My runoff PPMs last feeding were ~1200 to 1300, which I am happy with; however, I’m now “SCROGed” in and can’t remove my saucers between waterings to get a correct PPM reading going forward and am therefore wondering what wise watering/feeding PPMs should look like.

Growing organically I’ve left behind all that extra work checking ppm and run off and draining saucers and PHing everything and on and on.
Get a turkey baster or a little plastic syringe type device like this…

Suck some of the run off up and transfer to a small cup to check your readings. Only issue is that without cleaning the saucers after each run off the salts etc will build up and can skew your readings to the high side.
The numbers you posted seem pretty close to where you want to be during flowering…I think…lol
My run off ppm have been as high as 6000 ppm but again I’m growing with the old mama’s living soil so no worries there.
Maybe next grow you’ll come on over to growing the easy way…feeding the soil critters and not the plant via IV


I’d do like @Skydiver suggested, then once you have your sample sucked up, use a wet vac to suck up the rest to prevent buildup.