Flowering indor autos

What happens if your indoor auto does not get 100% darkness during flowering?

Autos don’t care about the light cycle as long as they are getting enough light.


Are you sure about that? If you are on an 18/6 , do you need it to be 100% dark? I am looking to improve my yield not just grow whatever.

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It’s always better to have the dark cycle dark wether growing photos or autos.
The less environmental stress , the better potential yield. Especially with autos and their “ finite “ time line.


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They benefit from the dark but are not like photos that may try to re-veg if the cycle is broken.

Not to mention having light during darkness could cause a hermie?


My question is, if you are on an 18/6 schedule does the darkness need to be complete, 100%, etc. to get the best result.

Possible quality difference to the nth degree. Would probably need an extensive lab network, controlled studies, blind tests etc. to demonstrate the difference so not an issue with autos.

That was not helpful. I am on my sixth plant and so far I have not had any success in yield and my plants seem to stop growing when they begin to flower. I end up with super loose buds, not really smokable.
I started out with a pot for pot but now I mix my own soil, have painted walls with reflective paint, added light, added nutrients when necessary. I do my best to keep the temp and humidity stable. I am trying to grow auto amnesia haze indoors. If you have any helpful suggestions please let me know.

You didn’t mention anything about your lighting. Super loose buds as you put it makes me think that the problem could be your lights. Either too far away from the plants or just not strong enough. I personally don’t think the issue is 100% darkness for 6 hours.

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Ive only had autos reveg here because of heat stress issues. Never any issues with not having total dark just heat issues seem to make tgem foxtail and or reveg. Ive had 3 reveg because of heat issues and same 3 and 1 other foxtail pretry bad because of the same heat issues. So far here woth my grows i have success keeping temps under 80 with autos seems to not be a problem anything over they foxtail or reveg or both. If u can keep temp at 77 or under with good rh ull be golden with or without total darkness

Oh and autos already do put out looser airy buds than a photo plant and lights make a big difference with that also. Any cheaper name light will give autos a super light bud. Hlg so far seems to give a solid bud from autos. I have knock off qbs that give good buds but nothing like the hlg and name brand lights fo

I often go to grow weed easy if I have a question. I find its information useful and practical. You can check this article if you care to: growweedeasy ^ . ^ com/light-schedule-autoflowering

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