Flowering in the rain, or move indoor?

I’ve got one plant flowering outdoors in a large pot. It’s only about 2 foot tall and I have a cage around it to prtect from deer. It’s going to rain tonight for about 24 hours and I’m wondering if I should protect it from the rain by covering it with clear plastic, or move it into the garage till the rain passes.
It’s small enough so I could move it easily. Or should I leave it alone to the rain? Or… do I harvest early?
Help me please!

Is your garage typically more or less humid than the outdoors? If it’s less humid I’d put it in there with a fan on it and make sure it’s completely dark while the sun is out.
If the garage is more humid, or you can’t keep it completely dark, I’d hang clear plastic over the plant. Leave room for the air to circulate a bit. You don’t want to creat a humidity dome

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