Flowering In The Cold

Beyond my realistic control due to the colder winter temps my grow room is running a high of 68° and a low sometimes @ 63°. On days where we have warmer weather the room does run 2-3 degrees warmer. My question is how badly will this affect the final product? This is an LED SCROG grow using the booster kit.

it will slow growth a shame you don’t have an HID it would warm the space up nicely
the low temps are not ideal but if they stay healthy all the temps should do is delay flowering time taking things longer to finish

Any idea how much longer? Should I give it say a week longer with the flower booster and then with the THC booster?

you will have to be the judge of that since you see your ladies everyday I keep feeding mine until they are mostly milky then I begin to flush I inspect my plants almost daily

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Your plants will still grow fine. That is just a bit cold. Since I do not use Co2; I try to keep my temps around 70f. You should be fine. Switch ti THC Booster in week 3-4 of bloom phase. As mentioned this is up to you to judge. :slight_smile:

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I think 4 will work, it’s growth is okay but slower and not that bad. The trichomes are nice and clear now.

You are right. Most likely the only thing that happens is slower growth. Good to hear