Flowering in June outdoors?


I live in south central U.S.A… Outdoor plants are flowering… GL and SWOG, they have been in the ground 9 weeks…Both strains are 5-6’ and healthy… Anyone else had this before? First time grower.
Thanks for any input.


@Willeb, I am outdoor growing in GA. Autoflowering Low Ryder, mine are 37 days old and already in pre-bloom.

Are yours photo or auto plants?

*5-6’ tall, my bad…they gotta be photo plants. I should learn to read better :grin:.


Mine are photo. Sky Walker O.G. and Gold Leaf. I will get some photo’s and post. It has got me puzzled. Thanks for the reply.



@Mrcrabs @Screwauger any help for an outside grow?


All mine are flowering, started 3/9…put in ground easter weekend…it’s time for them to flower…@willeb


Same thing here in New England one out of 4 photo’s this is the gold leaf as well


Thanks, first time I have experienced this.


I like to check time and date.com to see what are my sunlight hours. Example Atlanta Georgia has about 14 and 1/2hrs of day light right now, if your plants were started indoor under and 18/6 light schedule, then put outside chances are they will start flowering, . I’m with @Sittingbull64 on this one. I actually start my seedling Indoor about Jan. Till April at,12 1/2 hrs, till I catch up my the sun schedule. Plant in the ground during April and wait till about Halloween to harvest, hopes this helps @Willeb @bruinsfan33


I did start indoors under 18/6 light schedule. My first time using lights, then outside. Thanks for the information. At this point should I start bloom nutrients? This is new to me.



Yes if your seeing sighs of flowers I would for sure start you bloom nutes, hope this helps you out @willeb


@Sittingbull64 has you covered my friend


Thanks Sittingbull64, will do.


Thanks Mrcrabs, you guys have been a big help.


Anytime, my friend,good luck on your grow .


If you started indoors and put photoperiod plants out too soon, they will start to flower. Then they will go back into veg when the days get longer, then back into flower in August. Wastes a lot of time. You can avoid this early flower phase by shining a light on them around midnight for 15 minutes. That keeps them from flowering.


Welcome to the forum @Willeb I grow outside in pots. Typically for me, end of June mine will be in flower. This year how ever all of mine are in pre flower … I’m in the SE in the Smokies so you should be good. I usually harvest late Sept


Thanks Sasquatch, I am around 200 miles west of the Smokies. It’s usually around the middle of July here when they start to flower. I am going to wait a few more days to see if they go back to the veg state.


I wouldn’t worry to much about it… start giving those bloom nutes and let her ride.
I think its just a crazy weather year. @Sittingbull64 is flowering ( hes just east of me) Im flowering… seems to be the time…lol
good luck with your grow! just put a @ in front of screen names to hit some one up


@Willeb how many hours of direct sunlight do they receive?
Its not a issue just means your have fatter buds at harvest time :wink:


Thanks for the advise @Sasquatch. Will do and good luck to your grow.