Flowering.... how they look

Heres my blue dream flowering from ilgm… out on deck around 6 to 7 feet


Amazing man… Very beautiful plant you have there :wink:

Looking very pretty there @Bluto1

very nice; she looks happy :slight_smile:


It needs Christmas lights! :slight_smile:


Just beautiful @Bluto1

very, very nice!

Awesomeness! :heart::v::seedling:

Damnnn…! :drooling_face:

I am just feeding half strength

Who are you refering to ??

@Wolfmankush @Bluto1 both of y’all’s ladies look very happy and health. keep up the great work :smile: :+1:

Well done, amazing ladies, thank you for sharing.

Awesome :clap:t2:. What size pots are they in please? And I’m drooling :drooling_face:

5-30 fabric pots

Thanks. I’m trying to figure out what size I want to make over the winter. :blush:

Depends how much room you have

Those are 10 gallon smartpots they should really be bigger tho

And i have 4 blue dreams from ilgm… on is that purple blue color. The others smell like berries to me and are super frosty lime green