Flowering - How My Progress

I’m excited that my first grow is flowering. Picture below. She is tall and bushy and looking good.

Do you think I have another 4 + weeks before harvest. I know I’m not close now but really have no idea how long it takes till ready for harvest.

  • Seed: Do-si-dos, Photo, from ILGM
  • Vessel: Coco + Perlite, 5 gal fabric pot
  • Nutrition: Jacks 321 + Silica
  • PH of Water: 60 - 65 (do not test runoff or ppm)
  • Environment: Outdoor
  • Location: Southern US, hot and humid
  • Temps: Upper 80s to 90s


I thanking we still have until the end of October

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Yeah, I think yours is a little further along than mine. I’m guessing mine will go into November??

Luckily I’m in a warm southern coastal state and winter is mild. Stays warm through December so I’m hoping plenty of time for her to mature as needed.

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@Doug79 definitely have 4+ weeks looking at the picture.

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emphasis on the +

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Yeah, at least 6 weeks I’d guess.

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Thanks for the reply. I suspected I had a good while to go. That is fine. Still warm here even in November.

Love watching the daily growth/change.

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