Flowering help please

I already posted all the necessary info before but can’t find that post. Need some help. I started this gelato from Bergman’s to flower 12/12 on 10 Jan. Her soil has a “salty” look on top. Her leaves look fine but she’s not growing, I suspect I was under watering (about 1L every 3 days) average temp in the tent is 72 day 64 night. Average humidity has been around 60.

Plants will stretch for a couple of weeks after you flip them and then they focus on building flowers and don’t add much more vegetation after the stretch.

It’s pretty hard to underwater cannabis. It’s usually the other way around.

They look pretty good, though the older one is getting plenty of nitrogen. If you are still adding nitrogen, then you should stop.


Thanks so much for answering. I’m using the flowertime fertilizer from bergmans since flower. I think I’ve fed twice. I was just starting to worry because I expected these flowers to grow as fast as the rest of the plant did. I also gave her like 4L of water at her last feeding two days ago, and she’s dry already, that’s why I suspected under watering. When if ever do the bugs hit a growth spirt?

You mean this :

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Hope this helps!

It did. Thank you