Flowering GG4 time remaining

First grow question. I’m going into week 9 of flowering and these don’t even look 50/50 to me by the hairs. I’m just wondering if by the end of week 9 these will be good? If not is that an issue to go past week 9 with this strain?


Yea you still look like you have a couple of weeks. Do you have a jewelers loupe to check the tricomes? If so when the hairs go 75 percent brown or red then you can start wathing your tricomes for cloudy and amber color (not ready if the tricomes are clear)
As far as tI’m NO it will not hurt her to go past 9 weeks most indoor growers go 10 or 11 weeks it really just depends on plant and bud maturaty they will finish when they are ready. Most seed bank times are just a estimate but many things can make that time vary by a week or two


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Okay, that’s what I thought too. I figured another two but just wasn’t sure if it was good to go past the average times, thanks. I was gonna wait a little longer to check the trichomes and see how clear they are. I only have a magnifying glass though would that work?

I think the recommended magnification is 30x-60x.

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Dringslinger gives good advice.

don’t go by advertised flower time…go by trichome colors.

sides…a little more time and it will bulk lots more goodies. dun forget to flush last week+