FLOWERING for 18 Days So far - How am I doing?

This is my first ever grow. 4x4 grow tent. 6 plants - 3=LSD and 3=Gold Leaf

I am about 18 days into my 12:12 FLOWERING. Lots of buds and some stalks are substantially taller than others.

Can someone tell me what is my next step?

I have trimmed all growth UNDER the SCROG.
I am watering with PH 5.7-6.5 1-2 times per week. (Sometimes adding FF CAL-MAG in a slightly reduced level from the recommendations from FF.)
Between watering I am doing the FF Trio Feeding Program 1 time per week.
I allow the soil to almost dry completely before any water or feeding.
I have a bag of CO2

Temp is kept between 72F and 76F
Humidity I strive for 40% but even with a dehumidifier it often gets up to 60%. (ideas for how to keep it lower?)

Based on the photos about how long before I am supposed to consider harvesting?

Am I doing this right? Do they look ok? What is my next upcoming milestone?

I am getting so nervous after having babied these girls I don’t want to let them down!!! :grimacing: :crazy_face:



Can you take some pics with your grow lights off and with regular lighting?


That’s alot of plants in a 4x4.

I agree with @Pd, photos with burple lights is like no photos at all unfortunately. Please re take.

Where are you exhausting your air?
If your circulating it within your building /room that’s why your humidity to to high.

Are you in soil or coco? That’s a huge PH swing.
5.8 for hydro 6.5 for soil (6.7 or 6.8 in flower if you choose)

Also the only measurements that make sence is tds in and tds out, 1/2 or 1/4 strength means nothing to be honest

Thank you! I apologize for the light. Here are more photos.


I jumped into growing based on some poor recommendations and therefore I have 6 plants in a 4x4. I realize that is not ideal. But it is what it is for now. That is why I am reaching out to gain more intelligent, experienced insight.

Regarding my PH. I was trying to give a range. But for the past month I have been pretty much on target of about 6.2. but if you feel that 6.5 is best then I will amend.

I am growing in the Fox Farm SOIL. Each plant in a 5 gallon cloth-type container.

I am using a box fan outside of the tent to bring IN fresh filtered air that automatically comes on when temp reaches 74. Also a small interior fan to help circulate the interior air. Also have a small computer cooling fan attached to the vent pipe that pulls air out of the tent. That computer fan just helps to suck the air out through the vent pipe. I have a second smaller tent that is now connected via ventilation pipe to the larger tent. The ventilation sucks out of the 4x4 tent into the 3x3 tent and then funnels through another pipe that vents air outside of my house. (that set up enabled me to ventilate 2 tents with one ventilation filter fan.)

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Yeah I packed mine first time with just 4 plants and doing a scrog at the same time. Live and learn. Thats the fun of growing. Best advice you’ll get will be in here. Your plants look great to me. Can’t wait for follow up pics. Happy growing.

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You have ran outta room to tuck and bend man! The good thing is ,stretch is probably over! Now you will need to put a second screen on top to support them BIG ol monster buds

Guessing at least 8 weeks! sorry

You are doing OK and they look OK

Set second screen, and watch them fatten up! Actually the biggest thing is patience, give her a chance and she will amaze you!


I would extend leaf removal above the scrog. You are right at the 21 day defoliation. Take at look at Nebula's Super Simple 3-Step Defoliation Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy take a hard look at lower secondary bud sites. If they can’t compete with taller stronger growth, I would remove them.
Start at the scrog and remove the large long stem leaves first. If you can’t see a foot or more through the canopy, the light doesn’t get there either.
This is how my plants looked after their day 21 trim. They went under the net after the defoliation was done.

Don’t go crazy. Just open up the canopy by removing large leaves within 4 - 6" of the net and some of the secondary growth. Air flow and leaf transpiration will be much improved along with light penetration.

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I think everything is looking great. Nice first grow! There is nothing wrong with growing six plants in a 4 x 4. It’s all about what you’re after. I grew seven on my first run in my 4 x 4. I’m going eight this time. You can net em, tie em down, super crop em. There seem to be three schools of thought on what’s next for your grow. Some people cut off almost everything at 21 and 42 days into flower. Some prune just a bit to let light through in strategic spots and others remove nothing unless it’s dying and falling off. I currently am chopping just about everything off after stretch (21 days) and again later around 42 days in. For me this lowers humidity ( an issue for my grow), makes the 4 x 4 much more spacious, increases air flow, and gets light down to every bud I let remain. I’m not a fox farm guy but they have a flushing schedule you’ll want to be aware of. Good luck! Just an example of what I do, not necessarily right or what you should do. I am just on my second grow myself after all, learning right along with you.

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