Flowering error

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m wondering if I messed up! I have, as I said 13 plants in flowering room, I trimmed them so the bottoms are letting light thru, and removed most of the water leaves. I removed most of the large leaves below the budding area, I did so two days ago and watered them well with the additives 123 plant food from dyna grow, and bloom from them also. I removed a lot of material to allow the nutrients to go to the buds and not to waste. Was this a critical error.

Yea it was, your big fan leaves will help your plant suck up and use the energy from the light when she goes to sleep. Sleep because the plants will build and store energy from their lights until sleep time, sleep time they use the energy they need from those fan leaves. Without fan leaves your plant will have a harder time using and gathering energy


There are a lot of folks who will swear by removing fans leaves and just as many that say its a bad idea. I am of the school of thought that you should only remove fan leaves that are yellowing from age or blocking the light from important parts of the plant. Near the end of the grow I believe the plant eats the nuts in the remaining fans leaves for final bud growth. Thats a bit above my area tho.


No, actually you did what I always do.
After the stretch from flower I’ll go through and trim off low lying leaves, buds and branches. Anything that didn’t stretch enough to produce anything, I’ll trim. This ISNT a bad thing, at all. It’s helpful to your plant. Don’t worry. As long as your girls aren’t fully flowering, you should be fine. If any later than 2 weeks into flower and I wouldn’t recommend it. I do it after the 2 week stretch when starting flower.

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But the bottom line is energy collected by the fan leaves .
I have always called them solar panels. They collect energy from the light as @Majiktoker stated.
But everyone has there way, but for me this is a mistake which keeps your plants from getting yo there full Potential