Flowering day 40 issue?

I’m on day 40

of flower.

Strain is GDP.
Nutrients: Floraflex B1-B2 / Cal-mag / mammoth microbes.
Soil: FFOF 50-50 with FFHF
Ph: okay so I think this may be my issue. I wasn’t checking my run off on my plant for while cause I didn’t know. So we i was feeding 1500 ppm (early flower stage)for a bit. run off ppm found out was 4000. So I knocked my nutes back by half. Feeding 700-800 ppm made sure I got 25% runoff. Now I got my ppm down to 1900-2000 ph was 5.7-5.8. One day during week 3 of flower or 4? I noticed the yellowing at the top of my leaves. And burnt tips. So I decided I had nute lock out. Flush with ph’ed water at 6.7 got my runoff ppms down to 500 ppm and stopped. Ph was 6.2-6.3. Now it’s time to water and I feed 600ppm 6.8 ph. Runoff was 1100ppm and 6.2ph. Am I doing something wrong? 4/5 actual grow from seed.

Light: black dog LED 600
Pot: 7gal smart pot.
Temps: 84 and 45rh

Yellowing is mostly at the top of my colas. Barley any to none in the lower canopy.


With the very high ppm and ph being off you burnt some leaves and had nutrient lock out. But seems as you caught it. Try to keep your ph around 6.7 and ppm around 1100 you should be good

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sure are Purdy!

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How do I get my runoff up to 6.7-6.8 ? When I watered Monday it was 6.3. My rez was 6.8

Try phing water going in around 7.2ish. That should help