Flowering clones

Hi All, Just a quick question. I took 2 clones from a plant that was already in flower. After they started to root I started them in my grow box. Should I leave them in veg lighting (16\8) longer than 2 weeks before switching to flower lighting (12\12). This is my first time with this kind of clone.

Put them in 18/6 cycle for growth and root development then after 3-4 week place in flower - one can let clone in veg long if you want. Consider a good root stimmulator for root development (Mychorrhiza)

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Thx Steve I have a good root base started on one already hoping the other will catch up. My lights are running 16\8 right now. Using full strength nutz (bloom & cal\mag).

It is suggested if you take a plant thats flowering and clone it. Two months for the root system to be able to support the plant.