Flowering bud problems



Hey guys I’m currently running a dwc system and its my first grow I lost track of what week in flowering I am but I believe I’m in week 10 my buds are fluffy I don’t see any trichomes by eye it doesn’t smell like bid it’s Medusa any suggestions


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I’m yeah which it’s a horrible guess I’m using flora series nuts and I have overdrive what is your estimate on how many weeks it is


And lower humidity


Just a thought whats your light set on bring it down 10-14 also i had a plant that never smelled the whole grow but after curing wow that shit knocked my wifes socks off just a thought any close up shots


Thanks I have it on 12 atm


Okay so i see most of your hairs are standing straight up so your thinking week 10 to me run her two more weeks give full nutrients and call me in the morning lol no but for real she isnt that close yet but as for her smell dont worry after cured youll love it dont forget two week flush at very end


Is it a re-vegged plant or clone ?
What is you ph at ?
What ppm are you feeding at ?
What are your temps like ?

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System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

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Co2; Yes, No

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Ph 5.5 temp 72-77 degrees neither re veg or cloned


From that picture looks very very good but if that fan falls over can you say HAIR CUT. Lol


it could be a big plant then the way the buds are growing
cant wait to see it finished


Iva I gave it max nutrients from the flora grow series week 10 seeds are
forming in some places


It has alittle bit of nute burn but nothing bad.
What kind of lights r u using ?
Has the 12/12 been constant ?
It looks like the plant went back into veg at some point
the plant looks like its only 3-4 weeks in to flower not 10
I take it this is in your roof ?
Is it dark (pitch black) in night cycle , you should see not light at all from anywhere for the whole 12 hours


Jeez mam this thing has been growing for finding even know when I lost
track but therrs a few cracks where light can get through


It’s a 300watt viper led na it’s in the spare room


It may be light in the 12 hours dark slowing it down
Every thing else you are doing seems spot on that why I asked
Just got to wait a little longer if light gets in i have found


Ok so I just put 2 gallons ph water in my bucket not sure if I was nut burning my plant so any suggestions how long until I should replace water with nuts and this b is what I’m going to add to my solution 2 gallon bucket 6.5 micro 13 ml of flora bloom overload 2.5 ml and flora plus 4 drops any inside info

and I also changed my light cycle to 11 hours on