Flowering asap from seed

So this is my first time growing. I plan to put my 8day old seedlings into flower as soon as possible. I am reading that regardless of light schedule they won’t flower until a minimum of 3-4 weeks. As such, I will just keep the 18-6 schedule until at least day 21 to encourage more veg growth. I know I am sacrificing yield. I don’t really care about that as I have more seeds…and more on the way, lol. (went a little crazy there). While these ones flower I am going to be setting up a veg tent where I will play around with training and extended veg for the second run.

My question is, am I potentially or definitely sacrificing potency as well as yield? This I care about!

And a second question for anyone who has gone this route, what yield can one expect under the outlined conditions, assuming ph, rh, temps, nutes, etc. are all acceptable. I am growing hybrids. So for this exercise just assume an average yield for a 50/50 hybrid. This is not a big concern just curious about potential ball park figures. 1/4oz dry per plant, ounce? Thanks for reading.

They won’t flower until they’re mature enough around 4-8 weeks. Then you can resume normal veg schedule.

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You are correct, they won’t flower until they are sexually mature, even on a 12/12 and you would get faster veg growth on 18/6.

Potency will not be affected but yes yields can be greatly reduced by not doing a longer veg.

Yields will depend a lot of your light and environment, great light and temps and ventilation would yield a lot more than cheap underpowered blurple, hot stale air, etc…


I will be running two 3000 watt LEDs with 320 actual each in a 4x4x80. From what I read this will put me at the upper range of what one wants for that space. Assume optimal conditions for other relevant figures.

So 640 watts in a 4x4, I could see between an oz to 2 oz per plant with minimal veg time, depending on how tightly you packed them in.

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Awesome, very happy to hear about potency not being sacrificed and at 1/2 oz per I’d be perfectly pleased. I will definitely follow through on the plan. Thanks for responding. Btw I was looking at your log earlier, looking good brother.

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@Eagles009 my whole life I grew up around wise guys ,angle man .They had a angle (short cut) for everything. Looking for that come up or that golden level up . This grow has the nuance of a come up… Good luck with your grow bro ROTFLMAO. I’m not going to ask you if you are a wise guy ,because you wouldn’t tell me anyway

Lol thanks man!

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