Flowering and defoliation

Hey guys want to get some feed back on defoliation during early flower. I have been taking off leaves that are in the way of potential bud sites. Can this harm the plant during flowering?? I haven’t noticed any issues so far but want to be cautious

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U should stop defoliation around week five of flower

Should I leave it now and let it take its own course?

Buds are starting to show only just

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If you can tuck them away from the budsites. You dont want tostress out in flowering mode.

I might from now on tuck fan leaves

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At this point tuck what you can an it’s OK to take a few leafs. To create better light penetration and air flow. Good luck

So when u notice all the white buttons seem like they took a stall and r doing nuffin is the best time to do a flower defol. It’s working on roots at that point and will not do much harm as the bud sites r formed for the time being. It does not look bad tho. If u have any leaves now covering something important. Tie a string off to the branch and pull it out of the way and tie it off to the side of the pot. A slight bit of lst to open up the sites some. U’ll notice a big jump on growth if u spread it open some also as everything that didn’t get light now does and grows better.


I would defoliate it ,you do defoliation up to week five of flower

I really don’t know what to take I don’t want to take to much off or not enough haha

Only remove the leaves that are blocking the bud sites and if ur not to sure watch a video on how to defoliate on YouTube

I had a bit of a go how is that looking?

Thats good are doin any lst training cause that will help open up the canopy to let more light in

I defoliate at day 21 from light flip to 12/12
And then at day 42
Day 21 any leaf bigger than my palm goes
At day 42 anything with a stem goes


@Danielsan22 the big plant will be some very oily resin bud :+1:, super sticky , make sure you give them plenty of cure time , it’s gone be good buddy !

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I done some LST today and she’s a lot more open


She is looking alot better good job on defoliation and lst training,just need to keep up with the lst training and defoliation when it needs it

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Looking good.

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