My ILGM WW autos are just 30 days old and about 18 inches tall. I have these two in pots in my greenhouse. Am I crazy or have they begun flowering already???

These autos are a whole new experience for me. If they have started into the flower stage so early holy crap what can I expect in the coming weeks??!!!

I have more in the garden outside and they are not near this point yet but if this is any indication, they might not be all that far behind, maybe a week or two.

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It’s not all that uncommon for autos to flower at 4 weeks.

Definitely flowering.

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Yup! Bouts to blow up on ya

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Does this mean that the plant size won’t increase much from here on out but the bud size is where the increase will be?

Autos are such a strange beast to me. All my experience from the past is so different. I used to have all summer to watch them grow taller than me only to get the first frost very soon after they began flowering. Any buds outdoors at all was a huge win and I’m talking real small buds!

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my auto zkittle just got into flowering and over only a few day it has seemed to grow like a foot. no the stretch is not over for yours.

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here is the example of mine just a few days after starting to flower.

flower starts

todays pic of it

Pretty much. But do 18 inch long buds disappoint you?
My autos average 24-36 inches tall depending on how much LST. Half that is buds. They pretty much double in height during flower.


OK I thought just starting with my first grow in many years was exciting enough but I see now that the excitement is only gonna get better! I just looked at them with the loop I purchased and surprise, those little buds and the tiny leaves around them are already getting a frosty look to them. The big plants and some tiny buds used to thrill me and now I’m looking at small plants and BIG buds to come. If the growth is gonna be toward buds for the next several weeks this is gonna be a killer year! 18 inch flowers would be a dream, half that and I’d be in heaven. I’ll keep my expectations small to avoid disappointment but this new gardening shit is like waiting for Santa! The garden plants aren’t as far along but even half of them are just starting to show the beginning signs of flower, YES !!!

Your plants look great and bigger then mine but high hopes for both of us!

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Loupe isn’t really needed yet but it is fun to look at trichomes but wait until most if not all the pistols/ hairs turn brown and receed. Then start checking trichomes for cloudy and amber

Yeah, I figured I have a long way to go with these but the loop gave me a nice close look at only 30mag, just wanted a better look. Happy grower so far!

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