Flowering already?

Plant was in flower tent for 3 weeks from seed then I popped her into the mother tent. I came home from being gone for 8 days and boom. Flowering / showing sex, Just my first time around doing that process and wanted to make sure it’s normal :+1:

18/6 mother plant
Green crack from seed
It’s also been topped :blush:

Are you sure it isn’t an auto strain? Photoperiod plants only flower when you induce 12/12 lighting…

Met to put the pick up. It’s possible yes lol I had one seed and may of got it mixed up


If this ain’t normal under veg conditions I’ll just pop it in the flower tent lol


I had autos and ran them under 18/6 their entire lifecycle

I just had it under a 45W full spec led. Just put it under my two flower lights, going to keep the top in my cloning room to see if it’s the cbd auto cheese or not

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