Flowering about 10 days, look right?


My plant has been flowering roughly 10 days now and was also having issues with leaf miners so trimmed off affected leaves and Neem oil for that. Was wondering if anyone could tell me if the flowers are looking right or not. Not quite sure what to look for if its female, hermie, or male. Hoping its not stressing. TIA


Congratulations! It’s a girl


Thank you! That’s what I was hoping. Not sure of the strain, my friend brought some pretty good smoke back from Jamacia and he planted some of the seeds, he ended up giving me one of the seedlings. Funny thing is though both our plants seem to be healthy and growing great but don’t look the same, his leaves are only about half the size of mine. I read somewhere Sativa has small leaves and Indica has large leave, maybe he got a mixed bag idk.


Most varieties of weed are hybrids of indica and sativa. Plants from the same strain can have different genotypes. Some may display more traits of indica, some will look more sativa, but same strain. Just like children from the same parents can look completely different


Thank you for that information, I did not know that.


Lol genotypes!

It’s phenotypes, but genotypes sounds cool because I go to Geno’s all the time for cheese steaks!! @Blountville now I want a cheese steak, damn youu!


But yea dude, phenotypes are AWESOME! So let’s say you BUY 2 white widow seeds, Feminised. So you know it’s the same strain, no doubt. You grow them out, but they both look COMPLETELY different. Ones tall and skinny, ones short and fat. You just got two different phenotypes my man, and that is great because you can then see which pheno is the “better” one, and you can clone from that one. It’s happened to me before and I always hope it happens when I buy multiple seeds of one strain.


It was close, sounded good. I’m mixing my biology and botany maybe, LMAO!


Had another question (and probably a ton more before its done lol) I have noticed that some of her leaves stems have turned or are turning purple. Is this a good or bad thing?


That’s usually magnesium deficiency or a ph issue causing a nutrient lock out. If your growing outside in the ground, I’d add a Cal/Mag supplement, or use Epsom salt, sold everywhere in healthcare or garden section. If this doesn’t help, it could be a pH issue, or over watering. If your in pots, you should really check your pH ASAP. I got a magnesium deficiency from pH issue several weeks ago, this my first year growing inside, or in pots. Once I got pH under control the plants blew up with growth.


She’s growing in a 5 gal bucket with drain holes drilled in the bottom. What kind of PH tester should I use and where can I get one locally? Ace Hardware? Walmart? A nursery maybe?


You can get them cheap and fast from Amazon. Probably have to check a hydroshop, or pool supply for get local


I picked up a PH / Moisture meter and it appears to be reading about 6.5 PH. Also you mentioned it could be due to over watering, so I’m thinking it might be that too because I would of normally watered today but the meter was reading wet still past the first knuckle I usually check the soil by hand. Im getting so impatient, can’t wait to see how good she’ll smoke lol. Not sure how long the flowering period will be but I’m thinking she’s roughly been flowering about 2 weeks now. Hopefully she’s no more then a 8 week flower :+1:


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Hell yea dude! I’m a Geno’s man though lol!

And I completely agree with Vic on how sometimes the plants will grow for much longer than expected. So keep that in mind when planning your grow.


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It’s Geno’s :thinking: I remember for you haha :v:


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Nicks Roast Beef? Reading terminal?

Sadly, I’ve never been to the Reading terminal…