Flowering 8-10 weeks

I just started my indoor grow, I’m growing girl scout cookie, on the website it says the strain flowers in 8-10weeks. Does that mean from seed to harvest it will be 8 10 weeks, or when the plant finally reaches flower it will be in this stage for 8 10 weeks ? Thanks and cheers

When it reaches maturity and you allow it to flower you will have 8-10 weeks


Your looking at more of a 4-5 month grow

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GSC is a good choice. I have some and it’s a good smoke.

First a question: are you growing autos? It can make a difference, as autos will flower without intervention and you’ll potentially get a quicker harvest. Autos do tend to grow a bit faster.

No plant will grow from seed to harvest in 8 to 10 weeks.

Assuming the photoperiod variety, the time frame referenced is flowering only, so you will have mature flower approximately 10 weeks after you begin flowering. Eight weeks is a bit misleading. Only the very fastest plants will flower that quickly. How quickly they actually grow depends on genetics and the environment they are given to grow in.

Great, thanks for the info!

I haven’t tried the auto yet, this is my first grow in a while, first seed grow ever. Shaking the rust off and trying to learn as I go !