Flowering 7 Strains *DailyPicPost*

Welcome to the show growers. Your host iGrowBud aka on IG @igrowsticky (follow me for more content) is going to take you through a reality built through his conscience thoughts that will help manifest more marijuana for everyone to enjoy! <-- That was lame af, lol. All seriousness I’ve got 7 strains 2 weeks into flower right now, lets enjoy this adventure together and see how these girls turnt up.

List of Strains In Flower Room
Strain / Genetics

  1. Strawberry Cake / Heavyweight Seeds
  2. Purple Haze / ILGM
  3. Granddaddy Purple / ILGM
  4. Critical Hog / TH Seeds
  5. Critical Sour D / TH Seeds
  6. Sage N Sour / TH Seeds
  7. Purple Kush / ILGM

To play catch up let me show you some pics starting from Jan 30th

That brings us to today with the last photo. I hope this will be as much fun for you guys as it is for me to watch these girls flower.
Let me know what you all think about my grow so far I’m new to this and I need internet validation to feel mortal.

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See you guys on the next post!


Being that cramped and it will, don’t be surprised if it hurts a couple plants. I had 4 in my 4x4x80” and one just couldn’t get strong enough to hold up the flowers. Luckily she is loaded with trichomes and I need to figure a way to harvest it the easiest method possible.

Looking good so far.

If the stems can’t hold the flowers I’ll just tie them up with some string. The space i’m using is a 5 1/2 by 5 foot section. Trying to contain it within there. I think they should come out well.

Well here you go from Jan 29th photo and they are bigger.

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Sweet man, are those some sativas?

The front left one is 60% Sativa. The other two on the right is 70% Sativa.

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Update, starting to show every where.

Even have some 13 finger leaves I don’t think I’ve seen that many before on my grows.

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Remember to be careful in your garden.

Day 17 flower



Flower Day 18
Thanks for tagging along this far with iGrowBud!
In the next week or so I will be doing defoliation on these girls to open them up a bit. It is started to get crowded. I will also be trimming the sites less prone to development to help gain more weight on the main colas. Everything is looking good so far growers I will see you on the next update.
Enjoy the day!


Day 24

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