Flowering 600 watt DWC amnesia haze

hi these is my second growimage1%20(1)image1image1%20(2) I only use seeds from ILGM . Here I have 3 amnesia haze 1 is in a tub that holds 7 gallons of water it 2 months older then the 2 that I have in 5 gallon buckets… .I switched to 12/12 light schedule 5 weeks ago…they are budding nice but have got to big I have not trimmed much because I am not experienced enough…last grow I think I over trimmed …so would it affect potency if I cut a 1 foot branch that does not receive any light from the very bottom ???


Looking good buddy

Thank you do you know if it matters if I cut off a small one foot branch from the very bottom of one of these plants it’s not receiving any light I’m wondering if it would affect potency if I were to cut it ? any suggestions.

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It probably shouldn’t negatively affect potency. It’s all about how much it gets stressed out though. If you do a good clean snip of a branch that size it will probably only get stressed to the point where it produces more trichomes, which will up potency.

Hopefully that’s the case. How do you grow hydroponically or soil if I may ask.

I’ve done both. Right now a got a plant in a Hydro setup but I harvested some soil plants as recently as November of last year. Everything that I’ve grown has been indoor…

I’m going to get some autos going at the end of March in some soil in a green house I built

I’d like to try some autos sometime. I’m hesitant because I think they might not be as potent. I am only on my second grow. I’m using more products this time around and things seem to be going better I’m just trying to get the most potent bud I can grow

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@Hashassin this is a white widow auto from ILGM.

That’s pretty. Do you have any advice on How to end up with some real potent stuff. I am using tarantula, piranha, big bud ,bud candy and salt based blooming fertilizers. Last time I only used blooming fertilizers and the bud was good but I feel it could have been better it was my first grow though so I was happy regardless but if you have any tips I would appreciate it yours truly hashassin

I suffer from terrible insomnia I need something that will knock me out that’s why want to grow some strong bud

@Hashassin if you’re looking for something to knock you out, I will recommend California dream. That was my last harvest and I harvest a little early, I want the uppity day time smoke. Well, this stuff still sat me down. I imagine that if you let it go a little bit longer, you’d really have something

@Hashassin I’m new to all this also. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can help.

I have been reading a lot of horticultural books. One of these days I might take Roberts course which is not too expensive

Do you use any B vitamin supplements That is one thing that I am planning on using on my next grow