Flowered way too early, now is this ready to harvest?


hello experts,

I posted somewhere before and got the response that in all likelihood the SUPER SILVER HAZE I was growing on my 2nd attempt at growing, became rootbound in the 3 gallon pot, causing it to flower very early.

This was one of 3 of the Platinum mixpack I germinated on 8-23. about 3 or so weeks ago the plant began to flower but it remained in the 18-6 light tent with its mates. about a week ago I took it out and found a temporary fix of an oversized box lined with foil now with a simple 100 watt CFL softlight on a 12-12 light cycle.

The buds seem fairly dense, especially the main cola, the hairs look pretty brown throughout, perhaps its gone a little too long? I had a bit of an accident with too much flowering fertilizer, burning some leaves, I plucked the bad ones and the plant has recovered a fair amount. it doesn’t have a very heavy smell at all.

This Thursday will mark 8 weeks from germination, its original growmates are due to have their light changed to begin flowering and here is this SSH looking like its ready to be harvested. Since I am such a newbie, I just had to ask… should I continue with the 12-12 cycle longer and let the buds develop or has the plant just run its course and I should harvest sooner rather than later?

Overall, I am learning quite a bit, had a bum T5 light delivered so its on return but I am upgrading to the 4 lamp version. I have started some hydro grow as well as my existing soil grow (Grow 2.0) and damn, that hydro stuff takes off once it takes hold. I am really enjoying the growing, its my new hobby and I find myself spending quite a bit of time either tending it or thinking how I can improve the overall room/grow. Thanks for a lot of the help and good advice I have read in these forums. Its time for me to get active and learn from you masters.

What color are your trichomes in her

Hey there, I’m thinking you got auto flower seed. If it is an auto you could have lights on 24 hours and it would flower. You can keep lights on like you had 18/6,or 20/4 . And he’s right to you need to look at trichomes. There has been lots of different post about here…

I agree with tlkbear im thinking you have an autoflower seed which he is also correct about light cycle

The seeds I got were from the Platinum Mixpack, auto flowering wasn’t an option there and the plant started to bud about 4-5 weeks after germinating. The hairs are mostly brown still sine white left in the smaller buds. I’m thinking I should give it a drink if fresh water, keep in in the dark for 24 hrs then harvest it before it goes too long. Meanwhile, its original tent mates have pretty much filled their 2x3 screen and will go to 12/12 later this week.

Only you can tell you when to harvest bud

this seems to be the best picture. Sure, its been nutrient burned but the hairs look like its ready.

What id do is clip off a test bud and let it set and cure you’ll be able to tell by then this plant will be harvested in 15 days

But wouldn’t another two weeks take this plant too far? I have read that the plant begins to degrade once it’s hit peak budding. Blowing up my last photo its clear that the hairs show it to be ready. I guess I’m just having trouble accepting a plant to go through its entire life cycle in a mere 8 wks.

Well like I told you before you watch the trichomes, trichomes and pistols (hairs) are 2 different parts of the plant

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