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Let’s see if I understand this correctly. Bergman, in his ad for his product, shows images for flower week 5, 6, 7. I live in PacNW right on the Canadian border. It takes all summer for the plant to begin to flower. By flower week 7 it would put harvest in the middle of October. Did I get that right? And, the rains start between early to mid September so moving the plants (in pots) into a greenhouse to avoid mold in mid September would be the right time to do that?


There are a number of growers in the Pacific Northwest that may be able to give you some insight. Also, @Donaldj lives in the arctic or something and might have input haha! @Covertgrower @GreenThunder anyone else you can think of and any thoughts?

If I were in your shoes I would containerize and finish inside under lights with a dehumidifier. Whole crops can be lost to bud rot over night and it’s no joke. @Countryboyjvd1971 lost some plants last year to it. It’s not something you want to fool with.


When did the buds start to rot?

Any time the humidity is up and the buds are getting dense. A greenhouse would be a nightmare without a dehumidifier if it’s already humid out.


Thanks. I’ll start searching for dehumidifiers.

Just found a whole slew of dehumidifiers on Amazon! Cheap!!

Before you buy, wait and see if others have feedback about dehumidifying a greenhouse if that’s your plan. This guy: @Countryboyjvd1971 is the local HVAC guru. I bet he’ll chime in if we ask nicely.


@metronome yes a green house would certainly help. Yes guys it’s “humid” in the green house but it’s also a temperate rainforest, and would likely be facing rot due to the amount of rain.
If you haven’t purchased beans yet, I would recommend and autoflower for the speed of finishing in time.
Also @blackthumbbetty is from these parts.

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lol about 500 miles North of border but the timeline sounds about same we used on Vancouver Island


I thought I’d get a grin out of you over that haha!


I can see Vancouver Island from the top of my conning tower. Ha!


Bud rot
Grrrrrrrrr :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Welcome @metronome Donaldj is best imo to discuss the nw region im on east coast :wink:
Hahahha @Myfriendis410 he lives in the artic hahahhaha

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Thanks for the info. Still trying to understand how forum works.

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What’s better for greenhouse use in October ; heater or dehumidifier?

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A heater will also dehumidify.

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Avg Min Temp (°F) Oct 42F
Avg Max Temp (°F) Oct 58F

Avg Precip (In.) Oct 4.5"

Given this data would you recommend a dehumidifier or a heater


That’s pretty chilly. I would definitely put a heater in there.

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With 4 and a half inches of rain id go with a dehumidifier which by design will also raise temp in the green house since the air that comes off dehumidifier will be warm
A heater will dehumidify but i don’t think it would keep it dry enough for you unless your using a gas fired appliance fyi im a hvac guy by trade :wink:
You actually might need both heat a dehumidifier after taking a second look id have both options ready
What type of heater are you thinking about @metronome

You could ise propane type heaters then you wouldn’t need the dehumidifier