Flower vs pistil

When is a plant in “flower” ? I see pistils but when is it a flower?

In about 9 to 13 weeks… :wink:
Are they auto’s or photo’s?

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I have two plants.
AK-47 and super skunk.
I grow outdoors in movable pots.
They are about 40 days old. The AK has stopped growing and has a lot of pistils all up and down its stem. This started happening quite quickly like around 20 days. The super skunk has a few pistils but is twice as big as the AK.
They are auto’s.

They’re in flower. :grinning:

So it sounds like your out doors… how long is the day light where your at… :wink:?
Sounds like there in flower mode… :wink:
Need t o know your climate to help you better… :wink:

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Florida weather I have good sunlight and low humidity this time of year.I supplement with grow lights and white light too.using FFOF, perlite, PH 6.5. and trio.
I know the ak is in flower but it’s so small. I have to get you guys some pics…having trouble…

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how do I post pics?

Bottom right corner. It has an arrow pointing up.

Then choose photo. Hope that helped.

i see nothing like that on my reply screen.

@raustin, please help this fine person. I don’t explain things well. Please

Give her a minute. She will only be happy to assist.

I’d like to see those beauties myself.

On the box you reply in is there not a arrow in the lower right corner?

ok I think I found it. Let me get the pics from my phone now.Thanks!

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Ok, so your autos have gone into flower too early, is that the problem?

I don’t know where he went hon…

Or it might be a lady. Not making that mistake again. Lol


@Bluto Auto flowers go at their own rate we have zero control over what they do your AK I have one that is similar only about a foot and a half tall maybe I’m at 65 days

It will definitely fill out they usually take between 70 and 100 days I’ve never had one take that long If you have any questions when you’re auto flowers feel free to tag me just put a @ In front of the name with no space hope this helps when you go to reply there’s the arrow button you click on it it will let you access your pictures Reply will be on the left trashcan next to it in the button to the far right on the bottom should get you your pictures the yellow shows all the white the red is what you want them all to look like


Yep, @Hogmaster said It All. I was going to tell You the disappointing news myself, but now I don’t have to. If you have a small auto that’s started flowering there’s nothing you can do about it. This is the reason i don’t grow autos. You have no control over how big they will be. They just do what they want. Sorry I can’t really help.

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