Flower to concentrate

Can you flower press not fresh buds?strong text

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You could, but youll get a nasty watery crap result. Dry it or run it down into bubble hash then oress the has for live resin. stronger text

I only have 20gs left from my grow 2 months ago

Oh i thought youbwere asking if you can press fresh buds lol. But i mean if its not all moldy or anything i dont see why not. Give it a shot see how it works for you. If its moldy id throw it away

Nah it perfectly fine it just all the videos it freshly dried bud

Run it and try it

Will do I think I’ll do 14g

I pressed some really dry buds over a year old and it snoked nice

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What about yield with dry bud?

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Yield seemed a little less but went straight from press to pipe didnt weigh anything.